Thursday, October 30, 2014

Building Quadcopter Part 3

Photo 1: Frame Top View
Photo 2: Frame bottom view
Photo 3: Frame side view

Making progress on the build.  I have assembled the basics of the SK450 frame (see the first 3 photos) and you can see that it has 3 levels for mounting electronics, sensors, battery, camera, and radio.  I am currently "dry-fitting" components to see what should go where.  Instructions are few and far between, usually a few pages written in Chinglish.  For Example: the Wiring document is called "HK Mini APM Wiring Helps".  The current plan is:

  1. Top level: sensors, controller
  2. Second level: receiver, maybe controller
  3. Third level: power distribution
  4. Hanging from bottom: battery, camera
  5. Mounted on each arm: speed control
I also received the receiver, controller and sensor kit from Hobbyking, which is very small, see photo 4.  The AAA battery is just so you can judge the size.  The controller came from Hong Kong but only took about 8 days to arrive with no duty payable (gotta love the USA).
Photo 4: 6 channel receiver and Flight Controller

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