Sunday, November 2, 2014

Building Quadcopter Part 4

Continuing the build.  I mounted the power distribution panel on the bottom level as shown in photo 1.  It is a Hobbyking part that connects the battery up to the 4 speed controls.  The only problem is that you cannot use the current sensor that came with the controller package, but that is OK for now.
Photo 1 Power distribution

I also found a reasonable guide to the software to run the controller at this location.  Without this info, I was not able to find much useful info on how to load and set up the software on the flight conroller.
Photo 2 frame assembled

The frame is pretty much assembled as shown in Photo 2 and I have moved on to setting up some of the electronics wiring.  The video below was quite useful in helping learn the right technique for the Deans bullet connectors used in the power wiring.

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