Sunday, December 7, 2014

DC Area Drone User Group Meetup

I went to a "Meetup" of the DC Area Drone User Group yesterday.  It is essentially an informal meeting of like-minded individuals organized through the Meetup application.

The meeting was very useful as we had a great mix of beginners like me, experienced folks, large drones, small drones, different radio setups, etc.  I was able to ask questions of some of the experienced folks about how to set up my controller and radio, what props to use, where to buy parts, etc.  There was also an opportunity to see what other people had done with their drones - construction techniques, equipment, and so on.  You also get to meet people and exchange contact information.

If your community has a similar club or users group, I encourage you to attend as it is a great way to meet folks, get questions answered, and learn.

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