Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Flying Flowerpot 2.0 -- SK450 Quadcopter Rebuilt

Flying Flowerpot 2.0

I finished the Flying Flowerpot quadcopter rebuild and had a successful basement test flight in the new configuration.  Changes since the last blog posting:

  1. Moved the camera mount again, to the upper level but with a new mounting bracket so the camera is out front between the props.
  2. Moved the receiver slightly.
  3. Tidied up the wires.
The following photos show the Flying Flowerpot 2.0:
Top view, no flower pot
Note the receiver attached to top level with double sided foam tape
New camera mount
Front view
Rear View


  1. Flying Flowerpot, now that is a new one! :) Nice idea :) Looks interesting, but how well does it fly? Handle the commands? Anyway, if you need some help in piloting, I can recommend an interesting and quite useful article I found on the web. It is about tips to help you master quad piloting and you can check it out here: