Monday, December 8, 2014

Some Tips from the Meetup

I learned a few things at the Meetup that I will pass along.

  • Flying with larger propellers will make your video smoother but make the quadcopter less maneuverable.  I have 10 inch props on my homebuilt but I could go to 12 inches.
  • You cannot assign a separate channel to the AUTO function on your APM which triggers an autonomous mission.  AUTO is just a flight mode so it must be controlled by the same channel that allows you to use Stabilize or Loiter.  That was one of my questions that I got answered.
  • There is a capability called "OpenTX" that allows you to program inexpensive radios to do almost anything.  The radio is the 9X which is available branded Turnigy, Flysky, etc. and costs $50 or so.  You can also add a board inside the transmitter to allow USB hookup, it is from Smartieparts and cost about $20.
  • You can get plans to print a quadcopter frame using a 3D printer.

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