Friday, December 12, 2014

Storing LiPo Batteries

I am still coming up to speed on usng LiPo batteries in models.  The latest thing I learned is that you should not store the batteries fully charged, or let them fully discharge.  The prevailing wisdom is that you should store them at 3.85 volts per cell, or 11.55 volts for the 3 cell packs that I am using.

I don't have a fancy charger yet so I was not sure how to get them down to 11.55 volts.  Luckily I remembered enough of my old Circuits class and am enough of a pack rat that I could create my own discharge circuit.

Using an old 50 watt 7.5 ohm resistor, a homemade heatsink for the resistor, some wire, and my newly purchased XT60 connectors, I was able to solder together a discharge circuit.

              + ------------ resistor
 XT60                             /
              - -------------------/

I monitor the voltage with a voltmeter and was able to discharge my packs to 11.55 volts and then store them in a LiPo protective bag (good precaution) on the concrete floor in the basement away from combustible material.  Always stay close to and monitor your batteries continuously when charging or discharging them.

Note that LiPo batteries can be dangerous and you should follow ALL manufacturers' warnings on the use, storage, and charging of these batteries.  I am not an expert and you should check the Internet and the manufacturer of your batteries and charger for accurate information.

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