Saturday, February 14, 2015


The quadcopter is coming together now that I have the proper parts for the Dead Cat configuration.  The arms are all attached although it was hard to get the screws to align, the new GPS is mounted on a foldable mast, and the ESC wiring is done (not shown).  I forgot to mention previously that I added carbon fiber motor mounts (about $8) as the fiberglass original parts are not very sturdy and break in a crash.

I am now waiting for a PPM adapter to arrive.  The Pixhawk only supports PPM input from the receiver (single wire interface for all channels) and the Spektrum receiver does not have this feature, so a conversion board is needed (about $8).  I am also waiting for a new camera and gimbal.

Dead Cat Config
Note the GPS in the center left of the photo

Carbon Fiber motor mount

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