Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Further Enhancements

After the exciting flight last week, I had to repair the Quadcopter as one of the arms broke in a landing.  So I decide to make a few enhancements:

  1. Put in a new APM controller and GPS to fix the Loiter issue.  This did not turn out well as the new controller was defective but the GPS seemed to improve things.  The new GPS is Hobbyking brand, old one was a "no-name" with some mods to make the cable work.
  2. Improve power feed to the controller and receiver by using a UBEC (battery eliminator) instead of the power feed from the ESCs.  This is recommended due to the interference from the ESC and I do think  it improved things.
  3. Get rid of extra wires in the controller wiring harness.  Done.
  4. Install new arm.  Did this, I learned from the dearly departed Flying Flowerpot quadcopter that it is almost impossible to properly fix a quad's arm and they are reasonably cheap.
  5. Performed a test flight and analyzed logs.  Seemed to improve things with few glitches on barometer and GPS and more stable flight.  Testing will continue.

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